Your NACFB is listening – London Members Day 2017

The first of three NAFCB Members Days took place in London on the 19th September. Representatives from 40 NACFB member firms joined chief executive Graham Toy, managing director Norman Chambers and members of the NACFB board at a forum designed to outline the Association’s progress and look ahead to future development.

This was only the second Members Day in 2017 and precedes similar forums taking place in Birmingham and Manchester in October. These events form part of a journey that the NACFB is taking in efforts to become “more transparent, inclusive and engaged” Chairman Paul Goodman outlined.

The London Members Day therefore provided a platform to discuss key issues face-to-face, and in the Association’s 25th year, roadmap a plan for future growth with the support and understanding of the membership.

The open and frank discourse between the head office team, NACFB board and members provided lively debate and constructive feedback. Some matters could be quickly addressed, such as offering more time at the end of the annual AGM for members to ask questions. Other matters that arose are in the process of being addressed; Members expressed their desire to have a greater clarity of communications from the NACFB and more distinctly tailored messages to each broker sector. To this, the NACFB have brought in a new communications manager who is tasked with helping narrow any messaging gap between the NACFB and its Members whilst increasing engagement levels.

The event provided an opportunity for members to express how they saw the role of the NACFB in relation to their businesses. “The most important thing for me is that the NACFB helps us not to screw up” proposed one member, another saw the role of the Association as “…protecting the broker market, and speaking clearly on behalf of broker members.” The team and board acknowledged that the NACFB needs to more clearly communicate how it benefits brokers whilst rethinking the tone of voice used in correspondence – a kindly reminder that we are, and will remain, a member-driven Association.

With GDPR on the regulatory horizon, compliance matters prompted much discussion among the members. Members agreed that an increasing FCA squeeze is a genuine cause for concern. Norman Chambers addressed these concerns and directed members to the NACFB Compliance Services team and their workshops, specifically designed to help support and advise our broker membership. There are a further ten such NACFB Compliance Services workshops scheduled in 2017, be sure to register your attendance and stay ahead of the regulatory curve.

Vice-Chairman Adrian Coles further developed on the announcement at this year’s CFE that the Association has completed a review of its internal governance structure. Adrian spoke of this ongoing process and the bid to gain a better grasp of what Members would want to see from the Association in the future, as well as how board restructuring can benefit an NACFB that is growing in both scale and complexity. The board is enthusiastic to implement the review findings to form part of a succession plan, new blood and fresh faces bring new ideas and insight to the Association.

How can the NACFB work better to help your business? The team are listening and would welcome your thoughts and feedback at the next Members Day in Birmingham (9th October) and Manchester (24th October). The events are free and you can register online via