Industry Voice

The NACFB has operated an industry recognised Code of Practice since 1992 which endorses best practice in the industry. NACFB brokers agree to abide by the Code of Practice ensuring that any NACFB broker that you deal with operates professionally and in your best interest. Any breaches of the Association’s Code of Practice are taken very seriously.

The NACFB has established complaints and disciplinary procedures aimed at stamping out unacceptable working practices amongst its members. The Association also aims to protect its members and their clients against restrictive practices within the industry.

There are several secondary aims that the Code of Practice has including training and education programs designed to keep all members up to speed with market changes and knowledgeable of the best funding options for their business clients.

The Code of Practice also seeks to arrange for information concerning the services and professionalism of commercial finance brokers to be made available to the business community and the public by way of books, pamphlets, letters, advertisements, the internet or through the media.

The Code of Practice also seeks to co-operate with and establish working relationships with any kindred associations or organisations.