Complaints Procedure

Members of the NACFB aim to provide high standards of service to all clients, but to ensure that your interests are safeguarded, a grievance procedure has been introduced.

If you believe you have a grievance, please write in the first instance to the Principal, SeniorPartner or Director of the Company in question.

Your grievance will be acknowledged immediately, investigated thoroughly in accordance with established in-house procedures, and a reply sent to you within seven working days of receipt of your letter.

If you are not satisfied with the broker’s response, you are invited to write, summarising the basis of your dissatisfaction, to:

The Chief Executive, 33 Eastcheap, London, EC3M 1DT

The board will consider the matter, also in accordance with well established procedures, and inform you of its decision within a reasonable time.

The right to appeal exists where you are not satisfied with the decision and you may also refer your complaint to the Institute of Arbitrators if the matter still remains unsolved.