Our NACFB Vision

  • To be the professional association of choice for all commercial finance brokers and lenders servicing the needs of business borrowers and property investors.

Our NACFB Mission

  • We will partner our Members to foster professional expertise. We will embrace the highest industry and regulatory standards, including engagement with our stakeholders, to help your business prosper.

At the heart of our thinking are three core principles. The first of which is to foster professional expertise further enabling the NACFB to remain both a kite mark and hall mark for quality and professionalism. Secondly, we want to uphold the highest industry and regulatory standards. This is not about reluctantly adopting the regulations but understanding why they are required, and considering the benefits of making sure your business is fit for purpose. Finally, we want to help your business prosper – this is your Association and everything we do should be for your benefit.

 There is little point in having a carefully crafted vision and mission without having a clear handle on exactly what we do to deliver value to our Members.

We have developed our USP’s and we hope that you will agree that this  comprehensive range of activities are at the heart of what we do and that they do actually help your business prosper.

Help for Businesses

We host the CFE, Gala Dinner and regional road shows helping Members to network and learn.

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Broker & Lender Engagement

Enabling a closer working lender relationship – making processes easier and more time efficient. 

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Code of Practice

Helping all our Members adhere to a consistent set of principles assuring both lenders and SMEs. 

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Compliance & Regulation

Delivering a comprehensive and bespoke compliance support package for all Members.

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Industry Voice

Maintaining an authoritative collective dialogue with both lenders and regulators. 

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Complaints Procedure

Competitively priced Professional Indemnity Cover helps keep Members’ costs down and mitigates risk. 

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