Taking the NACFB Board on the road – first stop Bristol


On Thursday 11th April the Board met in Bristol and were tasked with addressing how to improve engagement with Members. We started by looking closely at the membership features, benefits and value to ensure that we remain aligned to our vision and mission.

We assessed and critiqued our membership journey and agreed that any output should be tailored to the appropriate Member cohort.

Ideally, we would like all our Members to be strong and passionate advocates of the Association and have a way of measuring whether this is being achieved. The task was to ensure that all engagement potential is being exploited.

We then moved on to a more creative session with the objective of identifying additional needs where we can add value. It was agreed that more work is required and a number of the Board were charged with tasks to complete prior to attendance at a strategy day to put some detail around potential new initiatives.

Meeting in Bristol was the start of our desire to engage more directly with Members. After the meeting had completed the formal agenda, Members were invited to join the Directors for an informal presentation of the meeting output as well as a conversation on a range of topical issues.

This was a new departure for the Board. Feedback from all parties was positive indicating that this will become a new way of working which in itself will also contribute to our main effort of improving Member engagement.