Supporting the NACFB Magazine in 2019


As you will be aware, from January 2019 the NACFB Magazine will be brought in-house and we will no longer be partnering with our current suppliers.

We arrived at this decision for a number of reasons, chief among which was our desire to ensure greater editorial control whilst raising the bar for content in the form of high-calibre thought leadership. As a non-profit trade body, the magazine is not designed to be an income generator for the Association, we want to elevate the magazine and secure its position as a platform for the best industry insight from lenders and brokers alike.

In the coming days, our trusted partners at R&R Events will begin approaching you and your marketing teams to ascertain your interest in supporting the NACFB Magazine and outline the range of packages available to you.


You can also enquire directly via the below contact details:


t: 0845 0043169


I am asking you – as valued Patrons – to support the magazine not just in the form of advertising, but also by sharing with us your expert insight, detailed knowledge and industry experience in the form of thought-leadership and feature articles.


NACFB Patrons will receive a reduced advertising rate and we have inbuilt flexibility into the rate card rate card for longer term contracts.

All thought leadership pieces from NACFB Patrons will remain at no cost, although more overtly advertorial and self-promoting pieces will incur a fee as outlined in the rate card.

The NACFB Magazine offers unrivalled access to a captive market of the UK’s commercial finance broker market and I am calling upon you, as the UK’s most dynamic lenders, to join on this journey to guarantee our new look magazine’s success.

Thank you in advance for your continued support and for helping us champion the commercial finance community.

We look forward to your engagement with our refreshed magazine.

Graham Toy