Inside February’s NACFB Advisory Board

The NACFB Advisory Board: How the Association’s Directors are working for you

Your Advisory Board meet at least six times a year and following the appointment of the new Board at our last AGM, we have acknowledged that we need to exploit more opportunities to share with you, our Members and Patrons, the sort of things that we believe are important and that are on our agenda to help us deliver on our Vision and Mission

On Thursday 7th February the Board were tasked with addressing how we develop our external reputation and brand so that we have more of a voice and reach a broader audience. A number of valuable suggestions and initiatives were debated. You should see some tangible outputs as a result of this meeting with the team at 33 delivering enhancements to help our Members share the benefits of membership and demonstrate how this adds value to the broker client relationship. Many elements of this exist but need to be gathered into one place so we will be working on developing a toolkit for you to use.

It has been some time since we formally tested Member and Patron engagement so we will be embarking on an engagement survey. This will help direct our discussions at our next meeting.

Our programme of Minimum Standards review meetings have been discussed with a view to ensuring that they deliver value to all our stakeholders.

We have critiqued our communications platforms and agreed that we need to develop our expertise and output across the social media estate.

I hope this provides you with a taste of what we have been up to. Our engagement survey will provide you with an opportunity to tell us what you think so please use this opportunity to provide us with your feedback. 

We shall continue to share updates after each Advisory Board meeting in 2019.

Graham Toy

Chief Executive Officer