Why should I use a broker for my business?

1. Commercial finance advice should come from experts
Commercial finance is a complicated subject. Unlike standard residential mortgages which have neatly defined rates and criteria, commercial finance is much more tailored and requires a good degree of skill and experience to find the right deal.

2. Save time – and money
Many business owner-managers are becoming much more savvy and outsource their financing to a specialist, which in turn allows him (or her) more time to manage the day-to-day running of the business. Shopping around for the best deal has become increasingly common and one of the main advantages of using a broker is that they will do that shopping for you.

3. An old-fashioned approach
Dealing with a broker means dealing with an individual. A broker is someone who will take the time to understand you and your business and offer a personal one-to-one service tailored to your business needs. And if your broker understands your business and your requirements they are in an excellent position to secure you the best and most suitable deal.

4. Never assume
The finance you think you need may not be the finance you actually need. This is another area where a broker can help. Although you may think that you need a loan to buy your equipment, a broker might recommend a leasing arrangement as more suitable. Perhaps instead of a traditional overdraft, the flexibility of a factoring arrangement will give your business the cash injection it needs.