Adrian Coles

It’s frightening to say but I have been involved in the commercial mortgage market  both working for a Lender and as a broker for over 25 years…I know I don’t look that old but believe me when I say I feel it!!

I am proud to say that I became a member of the Association in 1993 and have witnessed firsthand the challenges the Association has faced over that period.

I have been a Director of the NACFB since 2009 with responsibility for the review and implementation of the Association’s Training and Education and Compliance programme.  In addition I am past Chair of the Association Compliance Committee.

We have all seen vast changes in the commercial broking landscape over the last decade and many of us have weathered the storm and are hopefully coming out the other side. I strongly believe in looking forward as there is little you can do about the past apart from learning and building on your experiences. I am a strong believer in treating commercial customers fairly and am very passionate about the role of independent brokers in the market place and the recognition of the Association’s members experience and competency in the commercial mortgage arena. I will do everything to ensure that the Association’s members have the skills, information and tools to deliver correct and compliant information to their customers.

Married to Julie, we have three young adults which are the light of my life. A very keen golfer I try to play on a regular basis with customers and friends although sometimes work gets in the way!!