Are you using the NACFB Bridging Finance Enquiry Form?


The NACFB has made available a standardised Bridging Finance Enquiry Form, for use by brokers introducing short-term bridging loans to lenders.

The form, available to directly download here, aims to increase the quality and consistency of client information a broker passes on to a lender.

The launch of the Bridging Finance Enquiry form follows calls from brokers, lenders and suppliers to ensure that there is greater uniformity and depth of data from the outset.

Speaking of the template document’s purpose, NACFB Managing Director Norman Chambers, said: “One target for the Association has been to raise professional standards in the short-term sector.

“This form has been designed with the support of some of our short-term funders, as maintaining quality and professionalism in the sector ultimately benefits us all,” he added.

Download the new template document here or by clicking below.