The NACFB’s Commercial Broker magazine is here

The new look NACFB magazine – Commercial Broker – is finally here and you can read January’s issue below.

January 2019


The magazine provides a platform for NACFB lender Patrons and broker Members to have their say on all matters impacting the commercial finance sector. 

This month’s issue looks at the year ahead and features insight from the Bank of England as well as leading industry lawyers and valuers. 

The magazine’s new look forms part of wider changes to your Association and you’ll start to see more changes roll out as the year unfolds. 

You can also access the full digital archive of the NACFB magazine here.

Have your say in 2019

It’s not too late to get involved with the Commercial Broker magazine in 2019. We will always welcome high-quality thought leadership and robust opinion pieces from lender Patrons and broker Members alike.

All insightful feature articles from NACFB Patrons will remain at no cost, although more overtly advertorial and self-promoting pieces will incur a fee as outlined within our rate card.

A note from your NACFB Chair


A very Happy New Year to you all and I trust that you have enjoyed a great festive period with family and friends.  In an ever-increasing fast paced world that we live in, down time is an essential component for a business owner and entrepreneur, so I hope you have made the most of this time, I know I have.

I write to you at the start of my fifth year as Chair of the NACFB and at a point where I believe the Association has never been in better shape; benefiting from the support of a record number of Members and Patrons.  Our industry leading events, such as the Commercial Finance Expo and Gala Dinner, both enjoyed record attendances also. A similar pattern that is reflected across our regional events programme also.

Of course, this is only part of our story of successes.  Later this month, we have the launch of our new-look magazine, designed and tailored to support our Members with industry specific thought leadership and articles. 2019 will also see an overhaul of our main website and FindSMEfinance lead generation platform – both of which will be supported behind the scenes by new back office systems.  These initiatives have been designed to support your businesses so that you can assist more SMEs through potentially turbulent times.

This doesn’t mean we can rest on our laurels, not at all.  I will be welcoming three new Member, two Patron and one external Board Directors later this month to your Advisory Board.  I look forward to embracing their energy and enthusiasm to continue to build on the great foundations that are in place to deliver value and support to all our members.

We continue to welcome selective new Patrons to our Association, whilst ensuring that we enrich and enhance our existing Patron relationships. Collaboration between our Members and Patrons is always high on the Association’s agenda, to ensure that our Patrons continue to provide the depth and breadth of funding we all need for our clients.

I will be delivering my vision for my last two years as Chairperson to our new Board later this month.  With their support and the support of our Executive and head office team, I look forward to delivering more value to you, our Members. Ensuring that we are ahead of the compliance curve, embracing the elements of technology best suited for brokers to remain effective in a world filling with disruptive technology. Finally, I will seek to ensure that we as brokers have all the tools and support in our kitbags to further our businesses as individuals and as a collective force.

As a membership organisation, I would implore you to attend as many events as you can.  Your voice is important to us, we do listen, and our door is always open to listen to feedback, both good and bad.

Looking forward into 2019, we clearly have choppy waters ahead given Brexit or whatever it ends up being on March 29th.  We seem to have been in a world of uncertainly forever now and with the pace of change showing no signs of slowing, we are ever more required to shine brightly as the place to come to for UK SMEs to secure funding.  We have the Members to be able to guide businesses through these uncertain times, and by maintaining our high standards, we will remain the kitemark of excellence within the finance industry.

I wish you all a successful 2019 and beyond.

Paul Goodman

Chair of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers

The NACFB: Helping to make your boat go faster in 2019

Ten ways your trade body will support brokers in 2019



There is plenty to be said and written on the year ahead. Many will point to the unending political and economic uncertainty and prophesise of market corrections and unstable lending conditions.

Entering our 27th year, the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers remains focused on the tangible certainties and, as such, we have outlined ten ways in which your trade body will continue to champion and support commercial brokers in 2019.


1. The voice of the industry

Before and after the 29th March Brexit cut-off date, NACFB brokers will continue to do what they do best; helping to fund UK business. Our remit sees us liaise with the regulators, the Government, and lenders to maintain an accurate barometer of business activity. We are here – and on your side – to ensure that we navigate unknowns as a collective and mitigate obstacles through continued and tailored support to the broker community.


2. A more representative Board of Directors

The Association was pleased to officially announce the appointment of new Board Directors at last year’s Annual General Meeting and subsequent EGM. The revised Board structure of 12 Directors comprises six broker Board Members, two Patrons, two independents alongside the Chair and Vice-Chair. This revised structuring enables broader, cross-market insight and representation whilst guaranteeing that the board remains Member-driven. Find out more on your new Board here.


3. Improved lead generation for brokers

One benefit of membership we want to enhance is that of a signature lead generation platform, FindSMEFinance. We’ll be completely overhauling our bespoke finance hub, steering small businesses across the UK to the online portal where their funding requirements will be matched with an appropriate NACFB broker. We’ll keep you updated with our progress and how you can take advantage of the service.


4. Enhanced anti-money laundering checks

The Association recently teamed up with SmartSearch to provide our Members with preferential access to the leading anti-money laundering platform. The SmartSearch platform uses data partners Experian, Equifax, Dow Jones and Companies House to conduct searches and checks on individuals and businesses. We’ve negotiated preferential rates for all NACFB Members, who will be invoiced quarterly based on usage. Register your business via the website today.  


5. Introducing Associate Patronage

In addition to SmartSearch, we’re launching a new tier of patronage known as Associate Patrons. Associate Patrons and non-lender organisations that can bring real value to our Members. These will include services from insurers, valuers, legal services and even designers. We will carefully review each and every opportunity to ensure that we offer a full suite of discounted business support options for brokers.


6. A fresh new look

We hope that you’ll begin to notice changes to the look and feel of the Association in 2019. We took the decision to evolve our aesthetic, rather than completely overhauling our identity, as we felt it no longer reflected our modern and forward-thinking approach. Such plans for 2019 are not just limited to surface level changes. The rebranding and greater visual consistency overlay the broader logistical and cultural changes taking place behind the scenes. You will soon see enhancements and updates across all our key platforms.


7. Refreshed print and digital offerings

Central to our rebranding are the two main touch points for our Members, our website ( and our flagship and revitalised print magazine – Commercial Broker. The first issue of the new-look magazine will drop in a few weeks’ time, but you can still view the archived issues online here. The new website comes after a root and branch review of how we support our Members. We’re streamlining our online presence and developing a broker portal that offers more services under one roof, from lender directories to bespoke knowledge hubs.


8. Complete working document support

We maintain an online suite of working template documents designed to help brokers standardise processes and meet regulatory requirements. These documents form part of our ‘Model Office’ and remain free to access for all NACFB Members. Find out more through NACFB Compliance today.


9. A full regional events programme

2018 saw the Association stage more events than ever before; with nearly 500 brokers joining us at one of 30 regional roundtable days. We’ll be continuing these sector specific days in 2019, but we’ll be tweaking the structure a little, allowing brokers to extract more value from the events. This year’s programme will see the sessions shortened and paired with complementary sectors, for example our Commercial Mortgages roundtable day will share the billing with our Buy-to-let day. You can find out more, and sign-up to an event near you here.


10.  Hosting the UK’s biggest trade show

We’re immensely proud of our flagship event, the NACFB Commercial Finance Expo. The event returns to Birmingham’s NEC once more on Wednesday 19th June 2019. Building on last year’s record-breaking event, 2019 will boast more lenders and suppliers under one roof than any other event in the UK. Registration will open soon, and now more than ever, it will be a year not to be missed. If you can’t quite wait that long you can remind yourself of last year’s Expo with our highlights video below.