Your evolving Association – 2018 NACFB AGM


In the coming days all full NACFB Members will receive a copy of the NACFB Annual Report, Accounts & 2018 AGM Agenda.

If not, you can download a copy here.

This year’s AGM will take place on 11.00am on Thursday 8th November hosted at the Commercial Finance Conference, one of three strands of the Lending Summit 2018 hosted at London’s Hilton Bankside.

We have ensured that registration to attend the Lending Summit is free for all NACFB brokers who, in addition to the AGM, will have access to all three conferences that are taking place that day. This is a saving of £150 on the standard broker rate. As such, we hope to see a strong turnout at this year’s AGM. 

All NACFB Member brokers can register for the event via this link.  Checkout as a broker and use the code NACFBBROKER to remove the cost of the ticket.

This year we also need to vote in a new Board and this can only take place if the meeting is quorate because our rules do not allow postal/proxy voting for this element of the AGM. It is therefore of the utmost importance that we achieve a high  AGM turnout.

Turning to the AGM agenda, you will see that in addition to the standard resolutions we are seeking to extend the tenure of the Chairman and Vice Chairman to create a transitional term to contribute to Board continuity and succession planning in relation to the new Board structure. We are also seeking to address the challenge of voting for new Board Directors by allowing postal/proxy voting.

We have unpacked our thinking behind each of the proposed Resolutions here in some more detail. 

So please join us for the 2018 NACFB AGM, join in the debate and see how your trade Association is working to help your business prosper in 2019 and beyond.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday 8th November.