The NACFB Blog 8/8/17

As I settle into my new role, my commute from Liverpool St Station to Hamilton House takes me right past Bucklersbury House where I started my career with Barclays forty years ago.

Having spent the following four decades learning the art, science and nuances of commercial lending in all its guises, I am fascinated by the prospect of putting all that experience and knowledge into a role and organisation which plays such a vital role in the provision of commercial lending.

In a changing and uncertain economy there is much to consider and our organisation has to be agile and appropriate to fulfil the needs of our membership. There will inevitably be more changes ahead but I want to make sure that the course we navigate will deliver tangible benefits that will make a valuable contribution to the success of our members and their operations.

I’d like to thank Rob Lankey for his sterling work over the last six months as Interim CEO. There is no doubt in my mind that a significant amount has been a achieved in a comparatively short space of time.

The other call out is the hard work and commitment of the team at Hamilton House. First impressions are often said to be the best and I have seen and heard activity that assures me that this organisation is working hard and professionally for the benefit of the members and patrons, six of whom have submitted articles for this July newsletter.

The depth and breadth of lenders wanting to work with the NACFB remains impressive, and I look forward to working closely with them all in the very near future.


Graham Toy